Living to 100 is not small feat, and turns out is completely out of your hands! In 2019 I spent time traveling around the state of Maine to photography centenarians living in Maine. Maine’s Bicentennial is this year and I thought what better way to capture this state than to look to the residents that have been here for half the time! This story was photographed for Down East Magazine and interviews were conducted by Maine Public Radio. Do yourself a favor and head over to Maine Public to listen to all the interviews.

If you’re wondering what the secret is to living to 100 is? I’d say good genes, and a sense of humor.

Alfreda Dumond, 102
Dorothy Kern, 100


Dan Donnell, 101

Dorothy Murray, 100

Eva Deschaine, 103

Rev. Dr. Wilbert Gough, 103

Jeanette Jandreau, 100

Ruth Endicott, 103

Dorothy Buchanan, 100

Maurice Bouchard, 102


Client: Down East Magazine
Interviews: Maine Public Radio
Photo Assistant: Clayton Simoncic 

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