Woodsmen & Woodswomen

You may have guessed this at this point, but I am kind of obsessed with logging and the forrest products industry. So when Down East Magazine asked me for some story pitches, the top of my list was this story about colligate woodsmen competitors. I have only ever seen these competitions from a distance, and wasn’t quite aware of the level of intense athleticism that this sport demands. Equally impressive and challenging was the speed at which these events take place. The challenge was trying to move half a dozen small strobes around in a tight space as fast as possible. I am so grateful for this opportunity and suspect I am not done with this project.

Also, I would really like to make a move to get the term woodswomen officially into the dictionary!


Client: Down East Magazine
Writer: Will Grundwald
Assistant: Clayton Simoncic*
*Extra hardcore assisting award for this one!

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